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At Kuhlekt, we prioritise security, flexibility, and user convenience. That’s why our comprehensive payment solutions framework goes far beyond traditional payment processing. PCI-compliant card data retention, proactive notifications, seamless payment management, payment scheduling, ACH transactions, and self-service for users are just some of the features offered by our comprehensive payment processing platform.


PCI-compliant card data retention

Kuhlekt’s payment system securely stores card information in compliance with industry standards for protecting sensitive information. This enhances security whilst streamlining the payment process for repeat transactions.


Proactive card expiry notifications 

Our system sends proactive notifications to card owners about any impending card expirations. This feature helps users stay ahead of potential issues, prompting them to update their card information before it delays their future transactions.


Flexible payment options

Kuhlek’s payment processing platform supports a diverse range of payment methods, including ad-hoc payments, direct debits, and ACH transactions. Choose the methods that best suit your needs and preferences, whilst giving your users flexibility in managing their financial transactions.


Self-service capability 

Empower your users through a range of self-service options. Whether it’s making one-time payments, setting up a regular payment schedule, or updating their details online, the system offers a seamless and user-friendly self-serve experience.


Payment retrials and automatic suspension

In cases of payment failure, the Kuhlekt system initiates automatic retrials, optimising the chances of a successful transaction. After a number of failed attempts, the system intelligently marks the payment and account as suspended to prevent disruptions while maintaining user security.


Reporting and audit logs 

Our payment solution prioritises robust reporting and audit capabilities. Generate detailed reports on transaction histories, failed payments, and user activities.


Activity workflows

The system provides a comprehensive activity workflow that captures every step of the payment process.


Detailed note taking

In case of retrials, suspensions, or any other significant event, detailed notes are added to the workflow. This ensures transparency, accountability, and facilitates efficient issue resolution by providing a clear history of payment activities.

Security, flexibility, and user convenience are all essential for any payment processing system in today’s modern world. With Kuhlekt’s payment processing platform, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with an unbeatable level of security coupled with a seamless, convenient, and easy-to-use interface that makes payment processing a breeze.